Games for Learning — part of the Games for Change Festival

Excerpt from Jennifer Levine:

For 9 years, the Games for Change Festival has brought the advocacy of social impact games to the industry’s attention. It’s where educators are exposed to new initiatives to bring games for learning to new frontiers. This year, the Festival will devote two entire days focusing on how educators can use the impact of games in formal and informal classroom settings.

Join long time investor in tools for teaching game designer, AMD, as they present an entire track of programming and workshops dedicated to teaching game design in the classroom. And don’t miss the Games for Learning Institute track which highlights research into games-based learning in a series of engaging talks including talks from Constance Steinkuehler, James Paul Gee, and creators of Portal, Valve Software.

Beyond that, there’s a wealth of impressive discussions, roundtables, demos and more at our full program here.

With less than a month left to register for the festival, what are you waiting for? Register now and don’t forget that groups of 5 or more who register together get 25% off! (#G4C12 and/or @G4C on Twitter)