Closing the door, opening the gap -- by Gary Rhoades - April 2012

Dr. Gary Rhoades | Center for the Future of Higher Education | April 2012


Excerpt from Executive Summary:

Across our nation, community colleges are closing their doors, deferring the dreams of more than 400,000 prospective students. It is a retreat from America’s commitment to expand college access and success happening, ironically, at the very moment that our nation’s leaders say we need more, not fewer, people with post-secondary education. It is a retreat that threatens our nation’s future.

This report, the first by The Center for the Future of Higher Education, analyzes recent problematic enrollment and policy trends at the nation’s community colleges. It uncovers trends toward expanding caps on community college enrollment and narrowing the educational programs available for students, denying access to higher education for large numbers of lower-income students and students of color.


From DSC:
I doubt the state governments — and Americans at large — will have more money to throw at this situation.  Instead, I’d put my $$ on online learning and the innovations that are occurring — and will continue to occur.



From DSC:
A quick “P.S.” on this image — it won’t be telepresence, per se, as that’s too expensive. It will be the Skype’s of the world.