The Cloud & HTML5 — Smart TV’s Dynamic Duo — from by Edgar Villalpando


Why is HTML5 so awesome for smart TV?

  • HTML5 standards are managed by a non-corporate entity (the W3C), and are non-proprietary.
  • HTML5 utilizes the existing skill sets and tools of an enormous, established development community.
  • HTML5 is one of the few technologies that receives nearly ubiquitous support from the big players in technology and media alike. Apple, Google, and even Adobe have endorsed it.
  • HTML5 allows developers to create one application that will run on many different devices, including TVs, STBs, PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

For the smart TV space, HTML5 will speed app development cycles, reduce development costs, provide a much larger reach, and make integration of apps with the Web, and Web-connected devices, much smoother.

We’re about to exit the Walled Garden era of smart TV, and enter the Smart TV Everywhere era.