A Perfect Storm in Undergraduate Education, Part I — from The Chronicle by Thomas H. Benton (Thomas H. Benton is the pen name of William Pannapacker, an associate professor of English at Hope College, in Holland, Mich. He writes about academic culture.)

From DSC:
My take on the perfect storm within higher education:

Also see (emphasis DSC):

  • Dinosaur U. — from Forbes.com by Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief
    The Internet is about to do to America’s universities and colleges what it’s done to media and entertainment–profoundly upend them. And improve them. To get a flavor of what’s coming take a look at Louis Lataif’s Forbes.com piece, “Universities on the Brink” (Feb. 1). Lataif, dean emeritus of Boston University School of Management and a former president of Ford Europe, bluntly calls the rapid rise in tuitions a bubble resembling those that hit housing in the last decade and Silicon Valley in the late 1990s.

    The tuition bubble is about to burst.