Bravely predicting the future of legal work on the Internet’s 30th birthday. — from by Liam Brown

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Q: If the current you could give advice to the future you about anything (doesn’t have to be law-related), what would it be? 

Trust your creative brain; it won’t be wasted in the legal profession unless you allow it to be. You’ll have to work harder, take less money, and put up with lots of cynicism to successfully unleash your creativity in a world that wants you to conform your work and your life to the way legal has always been done. But if you’re persistent, you’ll not only succeed, but enjoy the ride. The profession of 1900 or 2000 doesn’t get to dictate what you as a lawyer will do to make your living in 2020 or 2030; it doesn’t get to create any boundaries that you can’t choose to break. And only by thinking outside of the box will you find the most successful path forward to create the profession you want to be in, rather than the one you joined.