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  1. Student Centered:
    Designed to meet the diverse learning needs of each student every day
  2. High Expectations:
    Committed to ensuring that every student will meet clearly defined, rigorous standards that will prepare them for success in college and career
  3. Self Pacing and Mastery Based Credit:
    Enables students to move at their own optimal pace and receive credit when they demonstrate mastery of the material   <— From DSC: More choice, more control.
  4. Blending Instruction:
    Optimizes teacher- and technology- delivered instruction in group and individual work
  5. Student Ownership:
    Empowers students with skills, information, and tools they need to manage their own learning
  6. Scalable:
    Designed to serve many more students if it demonstrates impact
  7. Financial Sustainability:
    Sustainable on public per-pupil revenue within four years



Blended learning -- the best of both worlds


Blended/hybrid learning: Combining the best of both worlds