WorldFuture 2011: Moving from Vision to Action

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The WFS Education Summit and Preconference Courses (below) are a terrific way to acquire futuring tools in a concentrated learning environment. Whether you are a seasoned futurist or just getting started in developing the art and skill of long-range vision, you will find a program to meet your needs.

The courses outlined below are extra-fee events that will be offered July 7-8, just prior to the WFS annual conference, WorldFuture 2011: Moving from Vision to Action, to be held July 8-10, in Vancouver.

Education Summit – Education and the New Norm
Presentations are now being solicited for “Education and the New Normal,” where educators and futurists will address the multiple challenges confronting the institutions dedicated to preparing tomorrow’s leaders for a dramatically changing world. The focus on the “new” embraces all the forces of change impacting learners and teachers, including new technologies, new demographic realities, new economic necessities, new environmental imperatives, and new political perspectives.

Introduction to Futures Studies
Six Thinking Hats: de Bono’s Tool for Creative and Critical Thinking
Get a Life: Futures Simulation Tool for Career Planning
Whole Systems Governance: The New Cognitive Work of Leadership
Wiser Futures: Using Futures Tools to Better Understand and Create the Future
Bridging the Great Divides: A Spiral Dynamics Workshop on Cultural Integration, Global Cohesion, and Our Multiple Futures
Foresight Educators Boot Camp
The Power of the Long-Term Perspective