2 Leading Online Outsourcers Merge, Consolidating a Market — from The  Chronicle by Marc Parry

More and more colleges are hiring for-profit companies to build and market their online programs, a controversial practice that worries some observers. This week the online-outsourcing industry is going through a significant consolidation. Two of its leading competitors, Embanet and Compass Knowledge Group, are merging.

In the announcement, the companies billed the move as a “winning combination” for their clients, a long list of nonprofit institutions that includes well-known names like Northwestern University and George Washington University. That list is likely to grow: “In the next five years, we expect nearly four million new online learners will come into this market,” said Steve Fireng, chief executive of Embanet.

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Embanet and Compass Knowledge Group announce merger to create the premier provider of online learning services for higher education

CHICAGO & ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In response to the rapidly growing and changing market for online degree programs, Embanet and Compass Knowledge Group today announced that they have merged, creating a combined company that is positioned to provide an industry-leading comprehensive suite of online learning services to universities and colleges. Effective today, the new entity is operating under the name Embanet-Compass Knowledge Group.

“In the next five years, we expect nearly 4 million new online learners will come into this market”

Embanet-Compass Knowledge Group brings together two of the leading organizations serving the not-for-profit online higher education market. Embanet and Compass share a common mission and service model to help colleges and universities ensure quality outcomes for students and expand their reach through online degree programs, both nationally and internationally. The combined strengths of these two organizations will create the stability and agility required to meet the growing global demand for online learning. The mission of Embanet-Compass is to assist traditional institutions in launching and managing large, successful online degree and certificate programs in a highly competitive environment.