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The posting below is a great resource for all educators — especially those involved with putting materials online — as well as for folks interested in interaction design/usability. Check it out!

There is power in digital storytelling (and eliciting emotion), so this posting really caught my eye! You might want to check out Francisco Inchauste’s blog as well. Nice work!

UX and Storytelling -- part 1

Better User Experience With Storytelling – Part One — from by Francisco Inchauste

Stories have defined our world. They have been with us since the dawn of communication, from cave walls to the tall tales recounted around fires. They have continued to evolve with their purpose remaining the same: To entertain, to share common experiences, to teach, and to pass on traditions.

Today we communicate a bit differently. Our information is fragmented across various mass-media channels and delivered through ever-changing technology. It has become watered down, cloned, and is churned out quickly in 140-character blurbs. We’ve lost that personal touch where we find an emotional connection that makes us care.